Aluminium Doors vs uPVC Doors

Aluminium doors and uPVC doors are both popular home improvements all across the country. But what are the main differences between them?  In recent years, uPVC doors were a popular replacement for timber. This is because wooden profiles are more prone to weather damage, and they can warp, rot and twist over time. Comparatively, uPVC is stronger and more resistant to the elements. This led to this material acting as a reliable, durable upgrade.  But now there is a further improvement.  Aluminium doors, made from a precious metal, are inherently even tougher and stronger. While they may not be as cost-effective as uPVC (which is seen as a cheaper option to both timber and aluminium) they make up for this in the long-term.  At Attlas Doors, we manufacture our own aluminium doors that stand head and shoulders above both timber and uPVC profiles for a true home improvement. If you’re a builder, architect or trade customer, you should choose us for your aluminium door supplier. 

The Modern Option

While uPVC was once considered the latest option, aluminium doors are now one step beyond. This includes their incredible strength and robustness, able to resist wind and rain easily, as well as common sharp changes in temperature, effortlessly and without showing signs of wear and tear.  What’s more, aluminium is a striking aesthetic. This makes it perfect for new builds looking to retain their on-trend aesthetic, or even period properties looking to bring themselves right up to date. They retain this pristine look and feel for longer, giving your customers peace of mind that they’ve made the right investment.  When comparing uPVC and aluminium ber doors, you’ll want to consider how they look and feel. Aluminium doors are thoroughly modern in every way, making them the standout option. 

Which Should You Choose? 

Aluminium doors vs uPVC doors – it’s a debate many homeowners will have with themselves, and maybe even with you as their chosen installer. So how can you make the right recommendation?  In most if not all instances, it will be down to the individual. There may be times when you want to recommend uPVC or even timber doors for a home improvement. Perhaps your customer is on a budget, or wants a certain aesthetic that only uPVC offers; or maybe their classic home is best suited to timber, so you’re drawn to recommending wooden profiles. Understand the specifications to make an informed recommendation.  But in many cases, aluminium doors are the right option. For modern properties and equally modern homeowners, the appeal of this style of door goes unmatched. 

Aluminium Doors from Attlas Doors

At Attlas Doors, we know that aluminium doors are the leading choice on the market. To make this one step further, we manufacture our own high performance, outstanding quality aluminium panel doors for the trade – going one step beyond the competition.  If aluminium doors are the right choice for your next project, compared with uPVC or timber, then get in touch with us. We’ll discuss with you what you need and give you a competitive aluminium door trade quote. We look forward to working with you soon.