Aluminium Doors vs Composite Doors

Two highly popular front door installations are aluminium doors and composite doors. They are both highly secure, thermally efficient and weatherproof. These doors can easily transform the way a home looks and performs. So what is the difference between aluminium doors and composite doors, and which is the best installation for your home?

Aluminium vs Composite Materials

The main difference between aluminium doors and composite doors is their material they are crafted using. Composite doors are designed and manufactured using a uPVC framework alongside a door slab formed of GRP skins and a timber or foam core. Our aluminium doors have been crafted using a high grade aluminium frame combined with an aluminium door sash and panel. These are more consistent in comparison to composite designs, which are made using a variety of different materials. Smart SOS Design

Long Lasting Aluminium Doors

You can feel confident that your new aluminium door will keep your property safe and secure all year round. Both types of doors are highly robust and crafted using high quality materials, especially when installed by our skilled team of installers. Aluminium is an inherently strong material, making it an ideal front or back door material. Aluminium doors offer an industry leading strength-to-weight ratio and are three times stronger than timber alternatives. Aluminium is one of the strongest door materials available on the market. Aluminium is uniquely corrosion-resistant, which means that it will not corrode or rust in damp weather conditions. Aluminium can handle adverse elements without warping and it won’t contract or expand in the wet either. Composite doors are also long lasting, thanks to the mixture of materials. Composite and aluminium doors both have an impressive lifespan, especially when minimally maintained. These doors are fantastic investment for any property in your local area.

How do Composite Doors And Aluminium Doors Look?

Composite doors and aluminium doors both look attractive but there is a significant different in how their end product looks. Composite doors mimic a timber door but they have a grained appearance to the door skin. Whilst they are a good alternative to authentic wooden profiles, they can’t quite match the luxurious grandeur of a real timber front doors. Another visible difference between aluminium doors and composite doors is the cassettes used to house the glass on the designs. Because aluminium doors use aluminium instead of plastic for their cassettes, the end look is more aesthetically pleasing than unsightly plastics used in traditional composite models. Because aluminium doors are crafted using one material, they have a consistently streamlined look. While they are more modern than composites, aluminium doors can be customised with woodgrain finishes that mimic authentic timber with none of the durability issues. Aluminium doors are powder coated, which means they won’t fade or warp with time or wear. We offer three distinctive styles of modern aluminium designer doors, containing styles to meet any aesthetic requirements. Every door we offer has been carefully chosen due to their attractive looks and market leading performance. designer front doors aluminium

Which is More Secure?

Aluminium doors and composite doors both offer enhanced levels of security thanks to the high quality hardware, robust door cylinders and multi-point locking systems. Both styles undergo the same rigorous security testing methods for your full peace of mind. Our range of designer aluminium doors come fitted with a selection of state of the art security hardware, for full homeowner peace of mind. This includes Winkhaus AV2 Slam Locks, anti-bump, snap, drill and pick locking cylinders, pencil butt hinges and 1.2mm thick skins to increase solidity.

Which is More Sustainable?

Because aluminium can be recycled and reused multiple times without its performance being compromised, it is a highly sustainable door installation.  Composite doors are more difficult to recycle due to the blend of materials used to construct them, many of these profiles are not recyclable at all.

Low Maintenance Doors

Aluminium doors need virtually no maintenance from a homeowner because we know how busy you are. Simply wipe our designer doors down with a damp cloth to ensure they stay looking as good as the day they were installed. Composite doors are also low maintenance but can become compromised in poor weather conditions.

Aluminium Door Prices

signs you need a new front doorWhile aluminium doors may be more costly that other profiles available on the market, they come with a range of performance benefits that make it a fantastic investment. They can improve the thermal efficiency of a space and are easy to maintain, making them a long lasting installation for your home. While the initial cost may seem more expensive, the performance is worth investing in over their counterparts. Get a quote today. Whether you’re an installer, builder or trade installer, if you require a high quality aluminium door for a domestic or commercial project, speak to us to get one on order today.